For Sale

Here are the works that are currently for sale.  Please contact me using the “Contact” page if you would like to purchase.  Many of the items are fragile and will need to be collected to delivered with care, for which there will be a delivery charge – I will be happy to quote on enquiry.

Mixed Media Assemblages




"Corrosion, Contortion, Contrived"
“Corrosion, Contortion, Contrived” 50.5 cm H x 41.5 cm W x 5.5 cm D £265





Mixed Media Collages

ghostly calm
“Ghostly Calm” 46 cm H x 38 cm W £145
what's left behind:discarded
“Discarded” 37 cm H x 45 cm W £145
“Impending” 40 cm H x 42.5 cm W £SOLD
“Torrent” 37 cm H x 44 cm W £SOLD
“Portentous” 37 cm H x 44 cm W £145
Hard earth, soft skies
“Splendid Isolation” 30 cm H X 23 m W £145


Mixed Media Paintings





books large and small 1
“Books Large and Small”  SOLD


Porcelain in orbit.jpg
“Porcelain in orbit” 30 cmH x 20 cm D £SOLD


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