Welcome to my site!  I hope you enjoy having a look at my inspiration and my work.

You may like to know a little about how I have arrived at where I am today:  As someone who suffers from anxiety, I find great comfort in daily walks amongst nature, often in quiet and secluded places along the coast.  Here I practice my version of mindfulness – taking time to absorb my surroundings and to focus on the sights and sounds around me.  In focussing my attention in this way, my mind stops the cycle of negative thoughts, and instead starts to see how very small my internal angst is when set against the vastness of the earth and sea.

I always take a camera to record my finds, finding absorption in recording the objects that I find.  These walks started as an attempt to help cure myself – they have become walks attempting to help cure our coastline.  The beauty and serenity of our local area is often spoiled by rubbish and debris and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of this.  I want to cry for our broken planet.  My small contribution to righting the many wrongs is to collect at least one bag of litter each day – doing my little bit towards healing the local environment. I take home and retain those items in which I see beauty. I would encourage everyone to carry a bag with them when walking and take their turn at improving the area around where they live, making it a better place for us, our children and grandchildren to enjoy in the years ahead. 

My work is produced in response to the litter and marine debris that I find on my walks around Chichester Harbour.   I do not collect pretty driftwood or beautiful stones but rather the junked and the jettisoned – the stuff that most people just pass by.  It is these objects, once made and utilised by man and then discarded by him, that interest me.  A cuff from an old anorak, a boat engine fuel filter, a lobster pot spacer – these are my pieces of treasure – litter that I can repurpose to draw attention to the problem of marine debris. 

I spend many hours scouring beaches and harbours – I seem to have an inbuilt “eye” for spotting these abandoned bits and bobs and, unlike most folk, I see their potential for use in art.  I carry at least two bags with me – one for collection of the plastics and other trash washed ashore – and the other for my “treasure”.  My work is all about texture, form and marks. I like to work with a variety of media, in 2D and 3D, using materials that I find: either directly or as inspiration. 

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