Hand Made Paper

Fibreglass and hand made paper wheel
hand made paper, found cardboard, found wood_edited-1
“Stacks” 28.5cm H x 26cm W £125
Hand made paper, Cotton, found wood and nail_edited-1
“Dead and Alive” 20cm H x 15cm W £125
Hand made paper, found paper, found materials_edited-1
“Asemic” 18cm H x 33cm W £125
Hand made paper, found materials_edited-1
“Scrawl” 24cmH x 18cm W £125
Old book, handmade paper, found twine_edited-1
“Time passes”
Handmade paper, bristles, found paper_edited-1
“Yesterday’s News”
Hand made paper, old book, stitch_edited-1
“Discarded and reborn”
Worn out blues_edited-1
“Worn out Blues”