These are three dimensional stand alone pieces made from found materials with the occasional man-made addition

Woven Waste II

“Woven Waste” 14.5cm W x 35cm H x 9cm D £125

Found wood and other materials

Porcelain in orbit

“Porcelain in Orbit” SOLD

Bell jar with rock hoppers, fishing line and hand made porcelain discs and circles

“Fischers Chess Set” SOLD

Found wood, charred wood, found bottle stoppers and found spark plugs

“Sea Sprouts” 31cm W x 19cm H x 15cm D SOLD
Found wood and verdigris metal

“Sea stalks” 40cm W x 23cm H x 10cm D £75
Found wood and metal

“Lost at Sea” 48cm W x 24cm H £75
Found wood and found buttons

“Potted shrimps” 29cm H x 15cm Diameter £125

Vintage bell jar with fishing line, copper, hand made calico and gesso column

“Fisherman’s Filament” 31cm H x 18cm diameter £145

Vintage bell jar with rock hoppers, found lightbulb and wire