I like to think of my mixed media pieces below as “art in the form of jewellery.” They can be worn as jewellery or hung on the wall as art, or both. I love the idea of having them displayed in an open box frame, removed for wear and then returned to the box as art.

As you will appreciate, each of these items is unique and cannot be replicated. I am therefore happy for you to collect from me at either Chichester or Dorchester or, alternatively, I will quote for postage and packing to an address of your choosing. Please contact me if you are interested.

Mixed media necklace 1_edited-1

“Mixed Media” pendant – found wood and plastic, paper, twine, eco silver £40

Switch necklace
Switch necklace close up

“Switch” pendant – found materials £20 SOLD

“Switch” pendant – close up

Medmerry necklace 1

“Medmerry” pendant – found materials, eco-silver, sterling silver – £40

Medmerry necklace 2

“Medmerry” pendant close up

Petrol filter pendant 1_edited-1

“Church Norton” pendant – found Materials – £40

Petrol filter pendant 2_edited-1

“Church Norton” pendant close up

Cinch necklace 1_edited-1

“Cinch” pendant – Found Materials, Eco-silver, Sterling silver – £40

Cinch necklace 2_edited-1

“Cinch” pendant close up

Spectacles necklace

“Spectacles” necklace – Found Materials, recycled materials – £30

Found metals necklace 1_edited-1

“Metal Miscellany” necklace – Found Materials, recycled beads – £50

Found object blue & rust pendant_edited-1

“Rusty blues” necklace – Found Materials – £30

Cadet necklace 2_edited-1

“Remembrance Sunday” pendant – Found Materials, brass, cord – £50

Cadet necklace 1_edited-1

“Remembrance Sunday” pendant close up

3M necklace 1_edited-1

“3M” pendant – Found Materials, Eco Silver – £30

Circuit board and check necklace 1

“Durham Days” necklace – Found materials, brass, cord – £50

Circuit board and check necklace 2

“Durham Days” close up

Light bulb necklace

“Lightbulb moment” necklace – Found and recycled materials – £50

“70” brooch and earrings – found objects with eco-silver brooch pin and sterling silver findings Brooch £25 Earrings £15

“Coral” earrings and pendant – found materials and sterling silver findings – Pendant £25 earrings £10

“Knots” pendant – found materials and paper twine – £30

“Circles” pendant – found materials – £30

“Pigeon Fancier’s necklace” – found materials, rusted wood – £20

“Liminal” pendant – found materials and sterling silver – £40

“Sea Blue” pendant – found materials – £20

“Tide Times” brooch – found materials – £30

“Sea worn” pendant Found materials, eco silver £40
“Boat builder’s” pendant Found materials, copper £40
“Twins” pendant Found materials and sterling silver £40
“Circuit board” brooch Found materials, recycled kilt pin £30