More found object Jewellery

Like many others who do not live within walking distance of the beach, I am taking the opportunity to work with my existing collection of found objects.  I like the idea of making jewellery but also making art in the form of jewellery.  Some of my finds are rusty or delicate and some hold the secrets of untold years in the sea, sent to my bit of coast from who knows where.  And some of these pieces are not suitable for wearing so here they are presented as if they could be.

November necklace
November necklace close up_edited-1
“November” close up
Switch necklace
Switch necklace close up

4 thoughts on “More found object Jewellery

  1. But since we seem to be approaching a post industrial society – these are now genuine wearable (with safety precations) beautiful jewellery – and as you say – they bring their own stories. Just gorgeous. Better than diamonds any day
    Be safe

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  2. Very apt comment Jac – there will be little appetite or money for luxury goods after this I think. I really hope the world learns lessons from this situation and makes permanent changes – many advantages to a simpler life I feel. Glad you like them anyway!


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