A good day for rubbish ….

This morning I decided to park at East Beach car park and walk along the path Westwards as far as I could go.  As expected there was plenty of rubbish around after the bank holiday weekend – bottles, can, crisp packets and even a used nappy.

Rubbish at Selsey 8 5 18

I duly collected a couple of bags full and started on my way back.  A lady stopped me and asked me if I was collecting rubbish.  Somewhat surprised, I explained that I was, and she said – “Great – do you have any cans?” “Yes”, I said.  She asked if she could have them and went on to explain that she collected aluminium cans and took them to the Old Gardens Animal Rescue Centre at Highlight Road, Sidlesham.   Apparently, they can recycle them and turn them into money to help support the charity.  I duly handed over my cans and continued to the recycling bin and then the rubbish bin and deposited the rest of the contents of my bags.  Well done Selsey for having both of these faculties on hand – makes a welcome change from having to bring it all home and fill our domestic bins.

If you are in the Chichester area, why not think about picking up rubbish – you will feel all the better for it! – and taking along your own and other aluminium cans to Sidlesham. No doubt similar schemes are in operation all over the place.


2 thoughts on “A good day for rubbish ….

  1. What a great idea. If we all (no matter where we live) picked up a few bits of rubbish, the natural landscape would return to its beautiful best. Better still, I wish people would take their rubbish home with them instead of spoiling our shorelines (and river banks).

    I don’t remember seeing much rubbish around when I visited the U.K. in the mid to late 1970s.


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