Nearly ready for Chichester Art Trail

After much hard work and preparation we are nearly ready for the Chichester Art Trail which starts tomorrow and runs over the this weekend and next and this Bank Holiday Monday.  My husband Alan (Alan Frost Photography) and I are exhibiting from our studio at Venue 79 in Fishbourne.

Entry will be via the garden (another work in progress!) and the first thing you will see is this:


You can come and guess how many lighters I have collected from Chichester Harbour during 2017 but over the years (2008-2017) during the Great British Beach Clean (every 3rd weekend of September volunteers removed and recorded  10,240 cigarette lighters and tobacco pouches.  Source: Marine Conservation Society

Do come and see a selection of Alan’s wonderful black and white photographs of the Chichester Harbour area, as well as his church interiors and one or two landscapes from further afield.  I will be displaying my collage and mixed media work together with my assemblages which I hope can be appreciated as art whilst simultaneously sending out a message about the discarded items to be found along our shores.



During opening hours, I will be demonstrating the art of collage – it would be great to see loads of people who would like to “meet the artists”, browse the work (finished and in progress) and sketchbooks.  Alan will be running a video presentation about his work.  We look forward to welcoming you!


8 thoughts on “Nearly ready for Chichester Art Trail

  1. That’s very kind Claire – we are excited and looking forward to it, whatever the outcome! Would love to sell the assemblage pieces en bloc!

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  2. Thanks so much – both for the good luck and for spotting the error, now corrected. Great to have an editor!


  3. Hope your weekend was successful and you had loads of visitors (and perhaps some potential buyers?).
    I am certainly enjoying your earthy mixed collage work from the other side of the world. I think part of the attraction is the natural colours you incorporate in your work.

    Being an amateur photographer, I see too much over-edited images and over-saturated colours (which is probably one of the reasons I love B & W images so much – they rely on contrast and texture).

    (my computer has been playing up, hence I was too late to wish you well prior to the actual weekend).


  4. Hi Vicki Many thanks for your interest. Yes, a pretty positive experience all round with lots of interest and good feedback – one sale! People could see the link between my collage, found materials assemblage and paintings most likely, as you have said, because of my fondness for neutral and earthy colours. The weather was very hot and local roads congested with folk trying to get to the beach so we hope for cooler conditions next weekend!


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