Playing with black and white photographs

As you know, my husband is the photographer in the house (Alan Frost ARPS – but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy taking snaps and I do!  My love is the great outdoors and nature and, of course, these subjects lend themselves to colour.  However, it is interesting to note that, for me, black and white works better sometimes – colour can be a distraction making an image too busy.  See what you think:

Again, I am no expect in what I call “fiddling” and have only basic Photoshop skills but  can create some interesting effects even so:

Grasses I
Grasses II
Cow Parsley
Trio of Dandelion clocks

I enjoyed doing this for a change from my work on paper and in fabric and we are surrounded by wonderful scenery here in Piddlehinton, Dorset where we are staying for a few days.  A week or so from now I will be at Studio Eastbourne where I will be doing a course “Surface Treatments for Sculptural Forms” and really looking forward to that.  I will be at Studio 11 run by Christine Chester and look forward to spending time with Debbie Lyddon once again.  Let’s hope I do better with the sewing machine this time Debbie!

3 thoughts on “Playing with black and white photographs

  1. Nature subjects can look just as good in B & W as Colour and as you’ve shown its all about the light (and shade). Love the Dandelion and the Grasses.

    (and now I’ve seen your grass examples, I think I’d better check my archives to see if I’ve got any coloured grass images that might be good to convert. Thanks for the idea).

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