Landscapes in the environment

I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees landscape all around them – but concealed within objects rather than the obvious views around us.  My eyes are just drawn to these beautiful miniatures.

As I live near the coast, these are often captured on boats, but also on buildings, traffic bollards, windows, washed up beach strandings and elsewhere – why not get your eye in while you are walking around – you’ll see so much more!


5 thoughts on “Landscapes in the environment

  1. Hi Helen
    I am so excited to have found your Blog (after you started following mine!) I love it!
    I feel so in tune with your way of thinking and your work – I see patterns everywhere and have made similar collections of circles, spirals etc. My work with found plastic materials originated with beachcombing for debris (until the council started cleaning up my local beach). Like you, I love finding ‘landscapes’ in peeling paint. Do you know the work of Graham Rich? He scratches little boats onto found painted wood seascapes (and sells them for high sums of money).
    I gave him some pieces of painted wood I’d picked up on beaches and he made me a small piece which I treasure. I look forward to seeing more of your work – so interesting!
    Jane x


    1. Hello Jane – how nice to hear from you! I think what you do is amazing – the patience! And, no, I don’t know of Graham Rich but will go see! As you may gather, I collect all manner of things from the beaches and harbour around the Chichester Area and sometimes from Dorset when I am there. I don’t have any set medium as I use whatever I am drawn to, be it fabric, metal, rubber or whatever. I rarely use plastic but do pick it up for environmental reasons. If you would like any of the small pieces, do let me know and I will send you some if you let me know what sort of thing might be useful. I don’t normally photograph it and put it in the bin! I think you are based in Devon? It’s great to find someone who “gets” what you do isn’t it?!!


      1. Hi Helen
        Yes I live in Devon and yes, I really do get your work!
        I’d really like to send a few images of my earlier work – if you’re interested, please send me your email address – I can’t see it anywhere
        I used to collect flat pieces of plastic from the beach which (after washing) I melded together with heat (irined under paper) and then added stitch and found objects. They became ‘icons’ – another theme I am drawn to.

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