Paper making

I recently attended a course with Jane Ponsford and learnt the basics of hand made paper making.  We used cotton rag and in some cases, I combined this with found clay to add colour.

I wanted to combine the hand made paper with some of my found objects and went with some ideas in mind as to how this might work.

Three bowls on a shelf
Hand made paper bowls either side of a found object

Having kitted myself out with the appropriate gear, I am looking forward to experimenting more with the combination of made and found to produce a series of work.  The images above are all starting points rather than finished works but I have thoroughly enjoyed learning this new process.  Another course beckons in the Autumn looking at sculpting, folding and moulding with paper – can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “Paper making

  1. Love this paper making article. I also make my own and then form the sheets into books, often having added my own printed designs to them.
    I don’t believe you can ever have too much experimentation. It’s such a joy to explore and try new techniques.


  2. Thank you Claire. I was due to do a second course about paper sculpture last week but sadly it was cancelled due to ill health of the tutor. I’d like to find another but really just need to knuckle down to it myself at home – always a weakness!


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