Mark Making, Printing and Collage – Part 4

On the last day, I made some more paper collages and then moved on to working with fabric.  Caroline Bartlett was very helpful in experimenting and suggesting a way of using the screens to print images that were looser and more akin to drawing. This was more appealing to me and I returned to my group of chosen objects:

Group 3.jpg

Working on a screen I used three different tools to draw these and came out with an image which I felt better suited my style of working:

My first screen print of found vessels

I felt that this had possibilities although this version is a little too busy.   I prefer the reverse – as is often the case!

So I will now write up my notes, process my photographs and take a little time to digest all that I have learned, but, in the meantime, a big thank you to Caroline and the rest of the group – many lessons learned by all!

Mark Making, Printing and Collage – Part II

Caroline had given us a couple of demonstrations showing mono printing and screen printing so my next test was to produce a screen printing.  This is something that I felt was a challenge as I consider my work to be “grunge art!”.  It is far apart from the neat and perfect finish that you think of when considering a screen print.  But I had a go …. I selected one of my found objects and made a stencil.  Next I considered how I might use the screen print and selected a gum arabic transfer of one of my photographs (Itchenor, Chichester Harbour – the source of the object) and a page of text I had written about drinks cans.  My idea was to make the screen print transparent so that the image and the text could be viewed through it.

I thought these effects were promising so went on to produce a series of screen prints:

Screen prints over gum arabic prints
Whilst I liked these, they were not really “me.”  I parked these and moved on but, for the sake of continuity, this next image shows the next stage in the life of these prints.  I will continue to work on them at home.  This distressed effect is much more in keeping with my ethos.