From Trash to Treasure

Well I think so anyway!  I fully appreciate that these pieces will appeal to a minority audience but I have enjoyed using my found pieces in a way that pleases me.  Here are two of the three final objects in their original state – an anorak cuff and a rolled up piece of rubber, original purpose unknown:

I knew that I could see potential in both of these items – lots of lovely texture – but knew also that they needed more.  I decided to construct a third piece using some found black plastic, made interesting by the sea.  I then played about with different additions until I found what I wanted, and added stitch.

I wanted to make each piece interesting on the outside and the inside and felt that they worked best as a trio.  I plan to sit them on a piece of found wood (yet to be retrieved from my stash in a nearby garage!) and hope to source something like a vintage taxidermist glass dome to go over the top.  Here are the three pieces now:

Black cream and rust trio

These images do not show what is going inside the three vessels – you’ll just have to come along and see them during the Chichester Art Trail to see the full effect – Chichester Art Trail 2018


4 thoughts on “From Trash to Treasure

  1. Beautiful! Has any exhibition of this aesthetic work been made? I wish I could have the opportunity to photograph it.

    By the way, I would like to cordially invite you to the auction that will be held at the Prado Museum in Madrid, an auction that will feature works by artists such as Rutilio Gaci, Daniel Van Heil, Gabino Amaya Cacho and many more.

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    1. Thank you Allan – it will be exhibited in our local Art Trail in April/May (Chichester, West Sussex, England). Thanks for the invite – a little too far for me but I will certainly look into the artists you mention!


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